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An exciting new addition to Hastings Aquarium!

There is much excitement at Hastings Aquarium this summer as we welcome our newest, most enigmatic resident—the common octopus. This amazing animal is about to grace the aquarium with its astonishing intelligence, adaptive abilities, and mesmerizing presence. Our team of experts at Hastings Aquarium are gearing up to provide an inviting new home for this marvellous creature. So let’s deep dive into the fascinating world of the common octopus…

The Common Octopus

Octopus vulgaris

Scientifically known as Octopus vulgaris, the common octopus belongs to the mollusk family. Famous for its intelligence and problem-solving skills, it has a repertoire of survival tactics that have baffled scientists for decades. With its soft, boneless body and colour-changing abilities, this cephalopod is a living work of art. It fascinates both scientists and marine enthusiasts alike.

The arrival is an exciting moment for all involved. It is a chance to learn more about these elusive beings and offer them a safe haven to thrive. The careful selection of its environment is crucial. It is vital to ensure its well-being and enable visitors to see its awe-inspiring natural behaviours up close.


Creating an environment that mimics the natural habitat of the common octopus is top priority. In the wild, these these octopus inhabit the rocky ocean floors. They rely on their powers of camouflage to avoid predators and stalk prey. At Hastings Aquarium, a special tank with rocky features, nooks, and crannies has been designed – it is a stimulating environment that encourages exploration and mental engagement.

Aquarium experts have come up with activities to keep the octopus mentally and physically engaged. Food puzzles, toys, and other objects for the octopus to play with will be introduced, promoting the creature’s natural problem-solving skills and stimulating its inquisitive nature.


The octopus also serves to educate the public about the importance of marine conservation. By observing these magnificent creatures up close, visitors can develop a deeper appreciation for the fragility of marine ecosystems, as well as the need to protect these wondrous creatures and their habitats.

We are also reminded of the importance of protecting our oceans and delicate ecosystems. Through careful curation of the octopus’ habitat, engaging activities, and educational initiatives, we’re aiming to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for these animals.

So, the next time you find yourself in Hastings, take a moment to witness the magnificence of the common octopus and remember that every effort, no matter how small, counts towards safeguarding our oceans and the extraordinary creatures that call it home.

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