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We love our oceans! In fact, we think they’re beautiful and we’d really like to keep them that way. Will you help us? Here’s a few ways you can keep our seas afloat:

Smaller footprints

Time to reduce that carbon footprint and help keep our environment healthy. You don’t have to make huge steps (excuse the pun!) to become more carbon savvy. By making small changes like using public transport, buying locally sourced food, even by switching the lights off before you go out, you can greatly reduce your energy consumption.

Don’t forget about that recycling bin, either! Did you know that 80% of household waste can be recycled? Get sorting!

Keep it clean

Help protect our beautiful marine life by picking up litter. Wherever you are, whether you’re having a picnic, enjoying the serenity of the beach, or walking down the street, rubbish always makes its way into the ocean. Tidying up after yourself will help to reduce the amount of waste that endangers our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

Be sustainable

Don’t just take Captain Birdseye’s word for it, make sure you know where your seafood is coming from. You can learn all about good, sustainable fish by visiting

Help the wildlife

All habitats need four basic elements to support wildlife: food, water, shelter, and a place to raise young. By planting trees and flowers, putting up birdhouses, feeders, and baths; and by keeping your garden free from rubbish – you’ll be helping our wildlife to stay safe. Plus, planting trees helps us humans out too! Find a local tree nursery and get digging.

Keep your hands to yourself

How would you like it if a giant hand kept prodding and poking you? We certainly wouldn’t like it and neither do our creatures. As mum says, “Look with your eyes, not with your hands”; that way you’ll be respecting them and their homes you’ll be helping to protect their future.

Sensible shopping

Going shopping? Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags! Using bags for life helps considerably in keeping our oceans free from plastic bags and ensuring aquatic creatures remain safe, as many mistake plastic bags for food.

If you’re shopping for a pet then make sure the original pet owner can prove they have gathered the animal in a sustainable way – if not, don’t buy them. It’s always good to consider visiting a local animal shelter or rescue organisation before going straight to a commercial pet shop.

Save water

We all need water to survive and this important resource is in high demand. Did you know that a family of four can save up to 5,000 litres of water a month just by keeping shower times to under five minutes? You can also keep your water consumption down by turning the tap off when brushing your teeth – you’d save 3,600 litres a month if you did that!

Never stop learning

Grab your boots because you’re going on a hike of exploration! Learn as much as you can about as many creatures as you can by watching documentaries, reading books, visiting aquariums, and of course, through that thing called the internet.

However, there’s nothing better than the real thing! So take a stroll along the beach and keep an eye out for creatures that live there. You see that rockpool? Go explore it! Learning about marine life will help us all understand how we can take care of it.

If you need any further tips on conservation, take a look at conservation charities we support and keep your eyes peeled on our blog page for the latest marine life news.

Conservation Charities

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