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Matchmaking Chameleons

Keepers at Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium are aiming to play matchmaker to a pair of shy chameleons.
Staff at the Rock-a-Nore Road wildlife attraction are hoping the pair of Jackson’s chameleons will hit it off after moving in to their new home at the aquarium earlier this month.
The pair, named Samuel L and Glenda, are both still relatively young and only measure round 10cms in length. Fully grown males have been known to grow up to 38cms long but 25cms is more common.
Named after a former Governor of Kenya where they were first identified, The Jackson’s are also known as the three-horned chameleon due to the males having three horns; one on the end of their nose and one above each eye.
Most chameleons lay eggs, however Jackson’s chameleons give birth to live offspring; up to 30 live babies are born after a six-month pregnancy.
Blue Reef’s Adam Stockley said: “The pair are settling in really well. This particular species of chameleon does reproduce successfully in captivity so we are hoping they hit it off and we’re soon be looking after lots of little Jacksons,” he added.
Chameleons come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from a tiny 1.5cms long species found in Malawi to the giant Parson’s chameleon which can reach lengths in excess of 60cms.
Regardless of size all chameleons share several common traits including their feet which are divided into two toes, their long tongues and their bizarre eyes which can operate independently and effectively provide them with virtual 360 degree vision around their body.
Samuel and Glenda are the latest additions to the aquarium’s jungle room which is home to a number of exotic reptiles; including snakes, lizards and iguanas as well as scorpions and spiders.

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