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Jungle Room Expansion

Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium has added a total of 10 new displays to its ‘Jungle Room’ as part of a major expansion programme which is set to open in time for the Easter holidays.
A collection of new, exotic animals, which include a giant green iguana, tree frogs, tarantulas and two crested geckos, arrived on Wednesday, April 2nd and are already settling in to their new homes.
The newly expanded area, which houses a variety of reptiles and amphibians, is set to be unveiled to the public on Saturday, April 5th.
Blue Reef’s Adam Stockley said: “We originally opened our Jungle Room display area within the aquarium almost two years ago and since then we have been gradually adding to it.
“However the reaction from visitors has been so positive that we decided it was time to embark on a really significant expansion plan which will see the number of displays more than double.
“In addition to showcasing a whole of host of exotic new creatures, we are also increasing the numbers of talks and ‘meet the creatures’ sessions taking place as they have proved to be particularly popular with the public,” he added.
The Jungle Room’s reptilian residents already include bearded dragons Geraldine, Phyllis and Agnes and a boa constrictor named Marley.
The display also features a royal python known as The Professor as well as Macklot’s pythons and Jamaican boa constrictors.
One of the most popular additions to arrive is a giant green Iguana called Keith who measures in at over one metre long. He has already become a firm favourite with the zoological team at Blue Reef.
There are also a series of other interactive activities for younger visitors and a display cabinet containing a selection of shark teeth, coral, shells and sea urchins which are a major education attraction.

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