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Diving Santa!



A scuba-diving Santa Claus took time off from preparing for Christmas by taking the plunge at Hastings’ Blue Reef Aquarium.

 The fearless Father Christmas was joined by one of his elf helpers as they donned scuba gear and entertained surprised visitors to the Rock-a-Nore Road attraction.

 The sub-aquatic Saint Nick temporarily shared the giant tropical ocean display with a variety of sharks, rays and hundreds of brightly coloured reef fish.

 Blue Reef’s Leanna Lawson said: “Several metres underwater may not be the first place you’d expect to come face to face with Father Christmas.

 “It just goes to show there really isn’t anywhere Santa can’t deliver presents – and it’s certainly a lot warmer than the North Pole,” she added.

 Santa’s unexpected dive was a particularly welcome treat for a youngster who was enjoying a birthday party at the aquarium.

 “Father Christmas and his elf surprised the birthday party by first going in to the café to say hello and then invited all the children to go and watch them dive – they loved it!” added Leanna.

 Christmas and New Year is a great time to visit the aquarium and escape the cold weather. Spectacular tropical displays will transport you to another world and help you forget about all that dreaded Christmas shopping!

 With its naturally-themed tropical displays and underwater walkthrough tunnel the aquarium is an oasis of light and colour even on the darkest days.


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