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Guests to Blue Reef Aquarium were wowed by a huge four metre dinosaur and its baby siblings during October half term as part of a week of exciting activities.
Pete the animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex was a huge success with visitors who filled the Rock-A-Nore Road attraction eager to get up close and personal with the beast.
Alongside Pete were a host of baby dinos – Alan the lazy Velociraptor, Bob the new-born Triceratops and Rita the baby T Rex.
Adding to the half term fun, guests were also joined mid week by magical Mermaid Anna, who took ‘shelfies’ with the ‘humans’ and wowed them with her life-like tail.
The mythical character greeted and spent time interacting with the children, as well as talking about ocean conservation.
Blue Reef’s Leanna Lawson said: “We were thrilled with the turn out at these events and we feel proud to provide some unusual and fun things for the children to do during their half term.
“The looks on the children’s faces when they met both Mermaid Anna and the dinosaurs gave the team a huge sense of accomplishment.
“We would like to thank Mermaid Anna, the Meet Pete team and also Karen from Fantasy Facepaints who attended both events providing amazing face painting,”
“We are looking forward to providing more events for the local community in 2018,” she added.

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