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Predators Week at Blue Reef

Visitors to Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium will be able to come face to face with some of the aquatic world’s most fearsome inhabitants during a special Predators event which runs from Monday, August 11th – Sunday, August 17th.
The predators in question range from sharks and poison-tipped lionfish to some of the world‘s most toxic species of frog.
They will also be able to find out more about the aquarium’s other potentially dangerous inhabitants including electric rays, giant octopus, archerfish, moray eels and puffer fish.
Designed to appeal to visitors of all ages, Predators includes special talks and feeding demonstrations as well as trails and quizzes.
There will be worksheets with quizzes and wordsearches and the chance to win a free family membership for the whole year.
Blue Reef’s Leanna Lawson said: “Our Predators events are always very popular with visitors and staff alike as they provide us with an opportunity to showcase the aquatic world’s more dangerous inhabitants.
“The aquatic world can be a very dangerous place divided into the hunters and the hunted. Different species have evolved some amazing techniques to catch their prey.”
“Some use high-speed attacks, while others lay in wait for their victims using near-perfect camouflage to keep themselves hidden.”
“As humans we often think that we were the first to start using sophisticated artillery but in fact the aquatic world has been using many highly elaborate weapons for centuries in the ongoing underwater arms race.”
“Sonic booms, electricity, missiles, chemical weapons and even fishing rods have all been employed in the never-ending battle for survival,” she added.
Blue Reef Aquarium lionfish head

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