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Guests are being invited to join in the royal wedding celebrations this Saturday at Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings.
The Rock-a-Nore Road attraction is marking the special event by recognising the many ‘couples’ who call the aquarium home.
Staff have even named two Axolotls ‘Meghan’ and ‘Harry’ after the soon to be married couple.
The Axolotls, who can be found next to the ticket desk in the aquarium, have several amazing attributes which have fascinated both ancient civilisations and the modern medical world.
On the morning of the special day, Saturday May 19th, Axolotls Meghan and Harry will enjoy a wedding breakfast made up of slithers of lamb heart.
Staff at the aquarium will be decorating their tank and inviting visitors to sign the ‘wedding guest book’.
Sales and Marketing Executive, Rachel Fiveash, said: “We wanted to get involved with the wedding fever and thought it was about time our Axolotls had some ‘royal’ attention!”
Other couples enjoying the day will be the Royal Pythons Professor and Bruce who will both be available for a special animal encounter at 1pm and 3pm.
Keep an eye out for the Cleaner Wrasse couples in the ocean tank, these special fish pair up in teams to keep other fish species clean.
Guests can also see the Macklott snake brothers found in the jungle room and Denzel and Branston the two Black Tip Reef Sharks in the aquarium’s ocean tank.
Guests can book their tickets to the ‘big day’ online to save money.


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