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Banded archerfish (Toxotes jaculatrix) are very unique because they prey on land based insects instead of fellow water bound creatures. They capture prey by accurately shooting or spitting water up as far as two to three metres and knocking them into the water!

They are usually found in rivers, estuaries and in particular mangroves swimming along the surface of the water looking up for its next meal. Their eyes and mouth are purposefully directed upwards to help them hunt and feed efficiently. When young, they school together to increase their chances of hitting an insect, before perfecting their aim and growing the confidence to hunt alone.

Archerfish are however omnivores and also feast on algae and plant matter as well as insects, small fish and crustaceans too.

When breeding, they produce up to hundreds of thousands of eggs at one time!



What do they eat?

Plant matter, insects, small fish and small crustaceans



Water Type


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