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Snakelocks anemoneĀ (Anemonia viridis) is a sea dwelling anemone living in the Western Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans. They can be found latched to shallow rocks, soaking up the sunshine with their green tentacles. They are a type of algae and produces energy from the sun’s rays.

Although they have a grey-brownish body, their tentacles are green with purple tips, making them look similar to snakes – hence their name! They will also glow fluorescent green under the light!

This anemone has a number of allies including species of goby, shrimp and spider crab, who are each granted access to live within the stinging tentacles of the anemone without consequence in return for maintenance and feeding.

Aside from the sun’s energy, they also feed on small fish, small shellfish and sea snails by killing and digesting them with their long, stinging tentacles.



What do they eat?

Small fish, small shellfish and sea snails.


8cm wide

Water Type


Where are we?

UK and Mediterranean

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