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Green tree python (Morelia viridis) is a vibrant green snake that lives in rainforests in parts of Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea.

They can often be found hanging from trees and and hiding in bushes, usually displaying a very characterful position from a low level branch; looping over the branch to create a coiled saddle and its head nestled in the middle. From this position they prey on unsuspecting ground dwelling reptiles and mammals, striking out from the head while staying attached to the branch using their strong tail.

They can grow to around 2metres in length, and as is the case with most snakes females will grow to be larger than males. Its head is also much wider than its body so unlike some snakes you can clearly see where the neck ends and head begins.

Young are often initially born yellow and will turn green over the first few months of their life. The female protects its clutch of eggs until they hatch.



What do they eat?

Small reptiles and small mammals



Water Type

Tropical Rainforest

Where are we?

Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea

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