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Step into our immersive underwater tunnel and enjoy tropical sharks and a plethora of South Pacific sealife swimming over your head!

Meet our impressive (and intimidating) Blacktip Reef Sharks, they’re always found swimming around the display looking very dominating! Living alongside them are a whole host of other tropical species adding colour, vibrancy and variety to this incredible display.

Tropical rays will pass over and if you look carefully you’ll also spot some smaller shark species that are often found resting on the tank floor next to the tunnel glass, so you can get a fantastic view of these incredible animals up close!

Current Water Temp

24 – 27 / 75 – 80

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In This Exhibit

300+ animals

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In This Exhibit

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Rivers and Estuaries

Head to our freshwater exhibit and see what adaptations some animals have taken on to thrive in this fascinating habitat.

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