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Nine fascinating facts about Green Moray Eels!

Here are nine fascinating facts about Green Moray Eels (Gymnothorax funebris) – the first is that they’re not actually green! Instead, their skin is usually brown or grey with a yellow tint. The greenish hue comes from a yellowish mucus that covers their bodies, (eww!!)  giving them a distinct appearance. The Eels Length and Size … Continued

Happy New Year from Blue Reef!

A very happy new year from the Blue Reef Aquarium Hastings Team! We hope you’ve coped with everything that 2020 has thrown at you and wish you a warm and wonderful 2021 – you deserve it! The thousands of animals at Blue Reef are, of course, blissfully happy and oblivious to everything that’s been happening … Continued

Lights, Camera, Aquarium!

Read all about it! Big news for the Aquarium over Lockdown! A huge restoration project, an internet webseries and lots lots more….


Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium is giving its animals a ‘Fish-tastic’ time as part of new scheme. The Rock-a-Nore Road attraction has embarked on a new enrichment programme aiming to provide added mental and physical stimulation to its collection. Animal enrichment is a way for aquarists to encourage and stimulate natural behaviours in animals through sight, … Continued

Blue Reef Aquarium recreates mini Amazon riverbed

Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium has recreated a miniature section of the Amazon riverbed as part of a new feature. The mini display incorporates a selection of living plants alongside natural theming to mimic part of the enormous South American river. It features a total of 10 different types of smaller Amazonian fish species to create … Continued

Jungle Room Expansion

Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium has added a total of 10 new displays to its ‘Jungle Room’ as part of a major expansion programme which is set to open in time for the Easter holidays. A collection of new, exotic animals, which include a giant green iguana, tree frogs, tarantulas and two crested geckos, arrived on … Continued

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